Total Maternity Package

Complete prenatal care for clients in this practice includes in office blood draws, ultrasound and other referrals as medically indicated, prenatal care, one prenatal home visit, birth tub use, 24/7 on call availability for questions, birth attendance, and postpartum care.

The birth is able to take place at home only after the baby is deemed healthy enough for unassisted life outside the uterus after 37 weeks and before 42 weeks gestation. The midwife will become “on call” for you at this time and available to attend your birth when it begins. She brings a birth assistant which can be another midwife or an advanced student.  At times there may be a second midwife and a student on her team.  It is always your right to accept students during your care.

Insurance billing will be with a third party biller at an additional cost.


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