Birthing our children at home is a tradition that has been upheld in every culture worldwide. Hospital birth only became the preference in the 20th century by a portion of the developed nations. Traditionally, when birth takes place outside of the hospital setting, midwives are the standard care providers. In fact, midwifery is one of the oldest professional arts in human history. And although home birth lost favor over time due to advancements in technology, it is still proven to be a safer choice for women with a normal, healthy pregnancy, which is up to 90 percent of childbearing women. Today, countries that still uphold maternity care managed by midwives and the practice of birthing at home have the best outcomes for mothers and babies. In her book, The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth, Henci Goer states, “no study has ever shown that out of hospital birth resulted in worse outcomes provided women were prescreened for risk factors and had a planned out of hospital birth with a trained attendant.” Midwives, today, screen all potential clients thoroughly to ensure that home birth is the safest route for their particular family.

Homebirth is a very safe option for women and babies in good health. Birth is a natural function that women and babies have been carrying out since the beginning of creation. The female body was designed with the physiology of birth in mind and barring complicating medical conditions and rare circumstances, it will facilitate birth appropriate to the individual woman and child. A woman will labor most successfully, like all mammals, where she is most comfortable.


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