A home birth midwifery practice serving California families in the South Bay counties of Santa Clara and Santa Cruz

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Diana Vallarta


The Natural Family Midwifery was founded by Diana in 2011. She observed bonds being formed that lasted long after maternity services ended. These intimate relationships developed as women returned to have their second and third babies and lasting friendships blossomed between past clients. A beautiful web was being created. Building families, by genetics or choice, is a dream come true for Diana. The Natural Family Midwifery is her way of housing everyone under one roof.

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Our Practice

The heart of this practice is traditional, family-centered, home birth midwifery care. Building on the Midwifery Model of Care, Diana works hard to give wholistic care to every birthing person and baby by incorporating techniques she has learned from midwives around the world to keep pregnancy and birth low risk and joyful. We hope the Natural Family Midwifery will feel both familiar yet unique and help to solidify a foundation of optimal health for your family.



Every birthing family, in addition to sister and student midwives, leave an imprint on our hearts and the family dynamic of this practice. We believe a peaceful birth leads to a peaceful earth and positive input helps us all actualize positive birth outcomes. No matter where you are at in your journey, you are invited to explore our Wisdom page and learn from those who have gone before. We hope you are inpired to contribute to our next generation and cultivate a more loving future for all.

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